2. JAB

The most used move in boxing, throw with your left hand and also called number 1, is…the JAB!! It’s your longest, fastest punch, uses the least energy, and leaves you the least vulnerable.

There are two main reasons why you should use it.

People may think that is just a left punch, but actually, it is well need to measure the distance between you and the opponent. To control how far or close is the person in front of you.

You can also use it to cover the view of him or her and then surprise them with the power of your right hand.

Or… you can just use it as a left punch!

How to throw a Jab?

Maintain your body still and extend your left fist straight forward.

Exhale as you punch and rotate the fist on the distance between your body and the surface to want to land to.

And the most importnat part… pull the hand back to the initial position immediately after the impact.

If you are southpaw it would be the opposite*

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