Aka Foot Position

You would think, why foot the first chapter? Importante of strength coming from the foot

  1. Southpaw or Orthodox? Lefty or Righty?
  2. Take a straight line, or an imaginary line.
  3. Foot Up – Talon doesn’t touch the ground
  4. Bend the knees
  5. Squat easy

Toward your target.

Flex your knees and bent a bit at the hips keeping the back fairly straight.

Slightly lift your back heel of the floor.

Athletic posture – balanced and solid, ready to move in any direction – On Guard.

Tuck elbows in close to your side and raise your forearms straight up – protecting the torso that faces the opponent.

Hold your arms with just enough tension to keep them up. It shouldn’t be rigid, tight.

Bend your head a bit forward, facing the opponent.

Hands about cheek level and palms turned in.

Gotta be ready to throw punches as much as to defend against them.

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